Selected Projects > NE Community Policing Center - Portland OR

This four year project was the result of cooperation between the community of NE Portland, the Portland Development Commission and the Bureaus of Police, General Services & Planning. The immediate goal was to place a police precinct in an abandoned Fred Meyer store. The long term goals were to catalyze local development and to nurture a sense of hope in the neighborhood. Masterplanning included the precinct, the new Portland Trail Blazer’s Boys and Girls Club, neighborhood retail shops and adjacent housing. The construction project was composed of the retail shell and seismic upgrade, the precinct, the Police Activities League, a large community meeting room, and a pedestrian park. The pedestrian park was a public art project. It featured tiles, mosaics and a painted mural crafted with the help of school children; an interactive water fountain; fish in the walking pavers; extensive landscaping; and, sitting benches for nearby residents. The entire project was taken off the combined sewer system through the use of bio-swale filtration and drywells. This project won the 1996 Governor’s Livability Award (with Aron Faegre)